what if stormtroopers didn’t look so grumpy all the time?


puts a whole new spin on things, doesn’t it?  who knows, they might have been smiling on the inside…

(yes, this is my own GIMP-ing of the image, and I know it’s shoddy — hey, I was bored.)



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5 responses to “what if stormtroopers didn’t look so grumpy all the time?

  1. Roberto

    Instead of Strom would they be Sunnytroopers? I almost think the smile is creepier than the frown. Imagine a bunch of smiling white guys breaching the hull of your ship and coming aboard, guns blazing. Definitely bad for anyone with an aversion to clowns.

  2. Bryan

    I agree with Roberto-creepy. But I think it’s the painted on eyebrows that freak me out the most.

  3. on further reflection, the standard stormtrooper looks like he’s wearing a helmet with that harsh black line across his brow. without that line, my happyTrooper looks like a bald gentleman, and for whatever reason it also makes the jaw-line (air intakes?) look kind of like a beard… when I look at him, I see an Amish guy. what could be more friendly than that?

    my death squad of happyTroopers will look like these guys, confusing my enemies. maybe in a happy shade of yellow… I’ll even have the eyebrows on little levers so they raise and lower constantly, like they’re always surprised to see you — that’s why they enter the room blasters-first. good times.

  4. Look who has too much time on his hands…..

  5. someone else had the same idea, this was from a few years ago:

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