so proud to live in Maryland

WTOPnews reports on our state Comptroller’s “Gas Price Theory”:

“It’s a price gouging, rip-off, hidden top secret muckity-muck system that the oil companies have setup to maximize their profits,” says Md. Comptroller Peter Franchot. “We know that you know that there’s something fishy.” [full story]

This guy inspires so much confidence — if anyone can get to the bottom of the muckity-muck, I’m sure it’s this guy.  Let us all know how that works out.



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4 responses to “so proud to live in Maryland

  1. Karen

    You can’t complain–you didn’t vote (and if you’ll recall, I urged you to vote for his Republican competitor, as I did).

  2. woman! there’s plenty of muckity-muck to go around if you don’t watch it!

  3. Wow. Looks like you have been “outed.”

  4. Kalay

    fyi is a shortcut for live feed from

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