“are we failing our children?”

A report that our schools are not adequately preparing our children to deal with alcohol.
In The Know: Teenagers and Alcohol



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9 responses to ““are we failing our children?”

  1. I listened to the clip, and I was wondering what your point was?

  2. Bryan

    Funny stuff. I too can drink “horse amounts” of liquids. Was the moderator Dave Thomas from Strange Brew?

  3. KP

    hilarious!! glad to see you still have a sense of humor! sorry angela didnt get the sarcasm here…

  4. No need to apologize for me. I thought it was funny also. I just didn’t know what Chris wanted feedback on. Teachers fault for not promotting heavy drinking in middle and high school. That’s all. Teachers catch the blame for everything else…so why not this one 🙂

  5. ohhhhh, I forgot that I commented in the last post that I had a doozy of a post coming up about where all the money in education goes. is that what you’re referring to? yeah, this wasn’t that post; I’m not sure if I want to post it because I’m pretty sure it will make some heads explode.

  6. Yes, I was thinking…. is this the article you were referring to in your last blog? That’s why I asked, what was your point? Not to be a smart ass, but just wondering if you truly put blame on the middle and high school teachers for not preparing their students for the college experience. I think your much to smart of a guy to think that, but due to the last few blogs about education… ( I mean..edumacation) I didn’t know.
    A Joseph (somebody) was just on MNBC about an hour ago promoting his book that delt with this issue. Pretty interesting how he brought up that parents wipped their hands clean of their own childs behavior at college (drinking) and said it was up to the college to control it and not their problem.

  7. Opps… It’s CNBC and the guy is Joseph Califano. His book is called High Society….. seems pretty interesting.

  8. no, I blame the “everybody has to go to college” movement for students not being prepared for college. college as a extension of adolescence is the problem… the only scholarships should be for truly academically gifted students that have no financial means to attend — everyone else should have to pay full price to go, then they (and their parents) might start taking it seriously — they won’t waste their money if they’re not prepared. of course, this means universities would have to get tougher on grading and not be afraid of failing students. and higher ed has become mush more of a business to consider rejecting customers.

    most of the people I know went to public schools, and they were prepared enough for college, but I also think they are all well above the average (50-th percentile) student in terms of drive/effort and intelligence (a combination required for success). so I won’t say that schools are failing smart kids, but do I think they could be getting better education? sure, there is always room for improvement.

    as for parents wiping their hands of their kids behaviour in college? that’s fair; with the exception of some freshmen, college students are adults (18 years old) and should be responsible for themselves. are they the product of their parents, and should the parents be ashamed if they’re derelicts? sure. should you call parents when an 18-year old gets caught drinking? nope.

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