word of the day: profligacy

prof·li·ga·cy [prof-li-guh-see]

  1. shameless dissoluteness.
  2. reckless extravegance
  3. great abundance

I learned this great new word here: New Study: School Districts Spend As Much as They Can



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12 responses to “word of the day: profligacy

  1. I think they are preaching to the choir, no?

  2. KP

    no doubt a lot of money is wasted…stop whining on here and make it happen big guy. all you do is keep raising the questions. stop trying to be don imus and howard stern and help make the change.

    the funny thing is you keep bringing up all these problems with public schools. hell a lot of people do. we are easy targets. why not talk about real wasted money? professional sports for instance? they get paid millions to play a game…meanwhile professional teachers that have an actual impact on lives get paid 40,000 a year on average. that makes sense…..we are far more important to our nation than pro athletes yet get paid about 2% as much as they do a year…..guh. where is all that money that we are wasting going eh? certainly not in my pocket to help pay the bills.

  3. Professional athletes are not being paid out of my tax dollars. (Unless we start looking at the sweetheart deals given to sports teams by municipalities, but that’s another subject)

  4. nobody is forcing the public to finance sports teams; almost everyone involved are willing participants — from the individuals and families that go to watch the games, to the TV companies that willingly pay mass sums for broadcast rights, to the team owners who front a ton of money and commit to paying individuals millions of dollars per year (which boggles my mind too), to the athletes…

    the only people I see getting duped in the process is taxpayers when they are asked (all too often) to finance a new stadium or arena. and maybe young people, who are duped into thinking that being an athlete is more important than more boring (less lucrative) pursuits like being a consultant or a teacher.

    for the record, I think I have done more than just complain, I have supported and endorsed proposed solutions — including education tax rebates (which appear to have benefits over voucher programs) or education vouchers.

  5. Even if you do only complain, that’s your right. We still have that right, don’t we?

  6. Why the constant blogs on education? Have your opinion, voice it, and move on. I think we are all sick of hearing all the b.s. that goes on in the public schools. Until you have walked in the shoes of another….it’s hard to judge and criticize what is happening and what one goes through.

  7. here’s my routine: I read a bunch of blogs and watch the news and 60 minutes, then I blog about the things that seem to be the most outrageous or interesting. every couple of days or whatever, I repeat.

    the reason I post so much about edumacation is because every other day there seems to be something worth passing on. something worth getting worked up about. and because it is an issue that seems to be a bit more within my control as a parent (future parent of a student) — I can choose to be involved, I can choose to homeschool, I can further efforts to increase vouchers or tax breaks for private schools — those are things I can do and things I can talk about. as opposed to immigration or healthcare, where my options are pretty limited.

    and honestly, every time you and KP tell me that I have no business discussing edumacation, it just fuels my desire to write more. cuz frankly, nobody is going to tell me what I can and can’t write about. except maybe my mom. or my wife. and even then…

  8. Great! You voiced your opinion (which we all well know), so home-school your child when the time comes……end of discussion 🙂
    Also, I have never said you had no business discussing education ( as you are a parent and will have to deal with it eventually). So it seems like there isn’t anything else you need to gripe about…home schooling is your answer…YEA!

  9. KP

    you never answered my question….where is all this wasted money going? because it isn’t in the pockets of the teachers.

  10. KP

    as far as not discussing education…you can discuss it all you want but when you question things like the handcuffing (isolated) and the montgomery county thing (also isolated) and generalize it to the entire system that is unfair. questions of tax dollars are certainly up for public debate.

  11. Even as a non-parent, I have an interest in our education system. We all benefit from an educated electorate, we are all paying for this education.
    I don’t think I have ever read on this blog that the teachers are the ones getting all the money. I have read about systemic failures and overall wastefulness.
    Homeschooling is only one part of the equation. It answers the pressing question of what to do on an immediate personal level. It doesn’t get into the greater issue of repairing a broken system.

  12. “you never answered my question….where is all this wasted money going? because it isn’t in the pockets of the teachers.”

    actually… wait for the next post.

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