anti-playoff beard

[UPDATE: my motivation:  Beezer and Rob]

it’s amazing I’ve been able to keep going this long. it’s also kind of pathetic what little I have to show for it…


now, bear in mind that it is reddish-brown with hints of grey (ack!), so it might not look as thick as a darker beard. whatever. IT HAS UNKNOWN POWERS TO THWART THE MAPLE LEAFS ENEMIES!

yes, I’m cropped below the eyes, because like the neighbor on Home Improvement I want to be able to get work after this blogging gig is over.



Filed under aging, boogie woogie, freedom, homies

4 responses to “anti-playoff beard

  1. KP

    wow…pretty impressive…gonna give mine a few more days then post a pic….i’d like to think mine looks ok, but i know better…

  2. Now how many days’ growth is this?

  3. Bryan

    Sadly, I appear to be in last place. But that’s alright, because the anti-beard rules.

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