father of the year

I think I just squeeked ahead of Alec Baldwin.

[update: 4/21] So where do all you strict parental disciplinarians fall on this one?  Is Alec Baldwin an evil animal, or was he setting his 11 year-old straight with a verbal lashing because she didn’t adhere to some pretty basic rules about being reachable (having her cell phone on)?

I’ll throw out the first pitch — I never experienced a verbal tirade like this from my parents, but it doesn’t strike me as that over-the-top.  If it was a parent with a 15 year-old daughter who was out past curfew or drinking or something, it probably wouldn’t seem extraordinary at all.  Heck, if we can handcuff and arrest 6 year olds, surely we can speak to 11 year-olds like they are adults.  Calling your kid a “disrespectful piggy” isn’t what I would classify as abusive behavior.  Throw a psycho-ex-wife into the mix, and I almost feel bad for the poor guy.  (This was almost certainly more about Alec and Kim than about his daughter — kids always get caught in the crossfire.)

Oh I’m sure he’s a total prima dona, probably thinks the world revolves around him, but he’s a big shot Hollywood actor — they all think that way.  I doubt I agree with anything he thinks or says about politics — in fact I’m pretty sure he still owes us all a one-way trip to Canada due to the outcome of the 2004 election…  and he’s probably an environmentalist-whackjob of the first order.

So why do I defend him?  Three basic reasons:

  • “PUT THAT COFFEE DOWN. Coffee is for closers.”
    (And the “What’s your name?” line that I can’t quote here…)
  • “You ask me if I have a God complex. Let me tell you something: I am God.”
  • 30 Rock

His performances on SNL also contribute to the goodwill that should get him past this ugly episode.

So have at it kids — don’t you agree that Alec went too easy on his daughter?  🙂



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9 responses to “father of the year

  1. Don’t forget whoever released the message to the media. Parent who use their children as pawns disgust me.

  2. He (Baldwin) also has a history of letting his mouth fly away ahead of his brain. Remember his comments about stoning Henry Hyde and killing his family? Some of us learn the same lessons over and over.

  3. I’d have to agree with Michael Savage, its a setup by Bassinger to get the media buzzing about how much of an a** he is, I really think it is quite funny (that it got released to the media) that people are even talking about it… imagine if everything you EVER said or did was scrutinized by the entire world… We’d all look like raging lunatics.

  4. re: “we’d look like raging lunatics”

    too true, and some of us more than others. that’s why I always put on my tinfoil hat before I answer my cell phone.

  5. KP

    who cares what he said to his daughter. our society is so worried about what a celebrity does or says its pitiful. we worship these people. why? while i appreciate what they do (as i couldnt get in front of a camera or nationwide audience adn perform), i realize this. they are human. they are no more important than any other person. yet some people care more about them than their own families…that says something about our society

  6. I don’t know I if am even qualified to have an opinion here, since I don’t have children. I would try it out for a little while, but I don’t think that I can change my mind.
    Do I care what Alec Baldwin says? No. I do have an opinion on it, though.
    I do wonder, KP, at all the people who grieve the loss of XYZ celebrity, though.

  7. KP

    not sure what your point is but grieving over a death is far different from making a big deal over the trivialities of their everyday lives. you nor anyone knows what goes on in their personal lives that could lead to what he said (which is not that bad as compared to things i hear children say everyday to adults). let he is without sin throw the first stone. have your opinion but none of us are perfect.

  8. My point is that I find it odd when people say they are grieving the loss of, oh Anna Nicole Smith, Ronald Regan, Bob Hope, et al.
    Grief is a personal response to personal loss. I know no one who actually had a personal relationship with any of these people, and yet I have heard often of them “grieving” or “mourning” a loss.
    I don’t know the circumstances of that phone message, I do know that it is a) awful to refer to your child as a pig, b) awful to use your child as a pawn in your battles with your former spouse, and c) disrespectful of a child to not respond to telephone calls from a parent. Two people in this bruhaha are adults, one is a child. (BTW, just because something is commonplace does not make it acceptable)

  9. KP

    i agree with all your points.
    the grieving you refer to sometimes is overstated. it’s one thing to recognize greatness and pay respect/tribute to it. it is another entirely to act as if you were close to that person.
    as far as the family part, yeah you’d rather not call your kid names and you’d rather parents not use their kids as leverage vs. each other, but some people aren’t smart enough to handle that. I dont like it any more than you do.

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