This should please all you law-and-order types out there… no namby-pamby liberal kids-gloves here:

When 6-year-old Desre’e Watson threw a tantrum in her kindergarten class a couple of weeks ago she could not have known that the full force of the law would be brought down on her and that she would be carted off by the police as a felon.

But that’s what happened in this small, backward city in central Florida. According to the authorities, there were no other options.

“The student became violent,” said Frank Mercurio, the no-nonsense chief of the Avon Park police. “She was yelling, screaming — just being uncontrollable. Defiant.”

“But she was 6,” I said.

The chief’s reply came faster than a speeding bullet: “Do you think this is the first 6-year-old we’ve arrested?”

Full blog post. “I weep for our future” comes to mind…



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  1. Amazing. Absolutely. amazing.
    My mum’s school actually has padded rooms for kids who need to physically vent or whatever. I though it weird at first, but sometimes some children simply need to be left to flail or whatever, and they need to be safe.
    And my husband thinks that I am odd for wanting to homeschool our non-existent children.

  2. O.K. The child was disrupting the entire class who was trying to get an education. Therefore, she was removed to an area where she continued this outrage and got violent with the adults. I see NO problem in what the school did. I wouldn’t want my boys in a room with an uncontrollable child. Also, school officials can only do so much in the “physically handling” of the students. If not…law suits will soon follow. This child was still kicking, and pulling an adults hair. I’m glad the cops were called. Maybe this will open up the parents eyes!!!!!!!! Job well done!

  3. KP

    i agree with angela on this one. the kid should be handcuffed and carted off and the parents should be arrested too. again teachers cannot touch students as a punishment. if we do we will be sued. meanwhile kids are allowed to act like this 6 year old. i dont care if she’s 6 or 16 arrest these kids and their parents. maybe if liberals would stop accepting that we have to allow garbage like this and we can bring back the paddle and some more serious consequences school behavior will improve. and maybe just maybe we can hold the parents accountable for their children instead of the schools…guh dont get me started…

  4. The law suit issue is a biggie… do they still instruct teachers to keep “hands off” at all times? I remember jr high that was interesting, because there was only one resource officer in our school, and he was the only person allowed to touch a student if there was an altercation.

  5. Good for them! I’d liketo see Parents recieving hefty fines for their childrens behavior, it is the paent, after all, who is responsible for the childs behavior. Teachers should be allowed to teach and not have to worry about parenting issues, that should be done by the parents at home (too bad that would require parents to actually discuss things with their kids and we know this doesn’t happen, just look at how screwed up the kids are these days)

    I’d like to see Parents fined for a lot of things… Kids should know better.

  6. She. Is. Six. Years. Old.

  7. Rob

    “She. Is. Six. Years. Old.”

    The teachers’ hands are tied, thanks to super ultra liberal weeny lawyers.

    It is the parents fault, pure and simple. I can’t help but think of the simply mantra of the first lesson my parents ever taught me: “Respect your elders…. Respect your Elders… Respect YOUR Elders…”.

    Somewhere this kid’s mommy and daddy failed her. Probably tried to be her friend at best… at worst just plain ignored her.

    I’m sure that some wack job bleeding heart is going to paint her and her presumably single parent family as a “victim” of malicious force, or police brutality or some other cock-a-mamy legalese.

    My Dad often recalls the odd time or two when he was in school and chose to goof off or act out… he got a ruler across the back of his hand. No “Oh please, pretty please stop and sit down”, no sending a note home to mommy, no parent teacher conference to discuss a behavior plan, just a swift act to get one’s attention and clearly demonstrate that this is not acceptable. And then the teacher would call my grandmother that night and he would get “the switch”, he would even have to pick out which branch.

    Guess what? He didn’t goof off in class anymore. Teachers had command of the classroom, and the other students had an environment free from distractions.

    When I was in school, I knew that my parents would attend EVERY PTA meeting, and side with my teachers on just about everything, so even a harsh look from a teacher was enough to keep me in line.

    Take that child out that home, because it is more than clear that her parent(s) can’t handle the ,-er ANY responsibilty.

  8. Thank goodness some people are agreeing that this student deserved the consequences. Did you ever think how much time was taken away from the other students who were trying to learn that day? Or the adults who were assulted by the child? NO!!!! Everyone will have a bleeding heart for this poor 6 year old child.
    We have school teachers who are assulted by students and nothing is done about it. I know 2 specific cases which I won’t get in to……but it’s pathetic what LITTLE support there is for teachers. Problem is…the students know this and therefore the violence just gets worse. They know they can get away with it. Maybe if more students were arrested (when NEEDED) this would send out a clear message that our generation grew up with……RESPECT, RESPECT, RESPECT!!!! Screw up and consequences will follow!

  9. Bryan

    Did Desre’e scream during her tantrum? Chop out her toungue! Did she throw something? Lop off a hand! Holy shit, she cried? Gouge out her tear ducts with a spoon!

    Look, thinking that arresting a six year old is ridiculous does not make me a bleeding heart liberal. Yes, teachers deserve more respect and support. Yes, parents should be accountable. Yes, corporal (sp?) punishment should be an option for administrators. However, felony charges and a booking at the county lock-up are hardly the answer.

  10. The funny part is…. the charges will be dropped because of her AGE!!! At least here in Maryland (Wicomico County) you can’t press charges against a child if they are under 8 years old. Yes, my son was assulted by another student and the school system did NOTHING!!! I had to go to the police station to press charges ( that’s where I learned this) and then MY son was questioned that night by the police. School system just placed a “phone call” into the parents because the parents couldn’t take time out of their day to come into the school for a conference. THEN I had to take a half PERSONAL day to go visit our assistant superintendent to tell him this was NOT acceptable. My son was punched in the face and NOTHING happened to the other student. The vice principal questioned him and he said he punched my son because, “he felt like it”. They asked if my son did anything to him and the student said, “no, I just wanted to hit him”. Now wouldn’t this piss you off????? So they just call the parents and since the parents couldn’t or wouldn’t come in for a conference it was just swept under the rug. It took me to go to the police and loose a half day to visit MY OWN Board of Education to make this child held accountable for HIS actions. Needless to say, after all of this…. the student was susspended for 2 days. The officer also went out to the students house and talked with the parents and “put fear” into the child. However, if I would have just let this go…..NOTHING would have been done. What lesson does this teach my child??? Hit someone and nothing is done about it.
    With this case in Florida, I’m sure “charges” will be dropped due to her age but I hope the experience of being handcuffed and mug shot taken will “waken” this child up. I think it’s great she had to go thru this……maybe she learned a lesson!!!!!

  11. KP

    bryan, you are a bleeding heart. what is your answer to the problem. me angela and rob and big red all believe parents need to be arrested and fined (and have no problem with an asshole kid being arrested too). what would you do to alleviate this problem?

  12. Wait a minute!!!!! I’ve never said that the parents need to be arrested and fined. While parents ARE responsible for their children’s actions…. I don’t know if I’m ready to go as far as saying they need to be arrested. Maybe fined??? But this is a grey area here. I have NO problem with the student going thru the humiliation of being arrested!!!

  13. I never said that there shouldn’t be consequences for the temper tantrum. I do think that, according to the facts presented in the story, the punishment was inordinately harsh. A student who assaults a teach or other school staff member should never be allowed back into the classroom- unfortunately, expulsion is seldom an option. Yes, the students know who is in charge in the schools (and it isn’t the teachers), and this is mostly the fault of poor administration- from assistant principals all the way up to superintendents. You are preaching to the choir here, as my mother has taught middle school for almost twenty years.
    The article leaves me with too many questions for comfort. Where was the child’s mother? Why was she not put somewhere safe and left alone to calm down? At what point were the child’s parents notified? How did this child get the idea that it is acceptable to hit, kick, pull hair, whatever she was doing? Perhaps a more thorough explanation could shed some light on the situation. I couldn’t find anything, however. Guess we’ll never know.

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