addiction, thy name is Facebook

hola.  I suppose it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  I’m almost embarrassed to say why.

I’ve been on a bit of a bender.  3 days, a week, two weeks… it’s hard to say how long it’s been.  it has gone by in a blur.  all I know is that I have 51 friends — if you join now you can be number 52.  it’s not that 51 is a bad/low number, it’s just that I find it hard to believe that [name withheld] has over 120 friends… I mean, they were a real loser back in high school.  so, not that it’s important that I have more friends than them by next week, but seriously, if I don’t I’m quitting Facebook.

Oh, I can quit Facebook.  I can quit anytime I want.  it’s not like it has some kind of hold over me… it’s easy to resist going back and checking the group for my adolescent summer camp or the group for my middle/high school — it’s EASY to resist.  I just CHOOSE to keep those pages open in a tab in my browser and refresh them every five minutes because, hey, you never know who might have posted something witty on the wall, or who might have posted a picture with me lurking somewhere in the background (blurry and obscured — but I know it was me) and I need to tag it so everyone knows it’s me.  or better yet, I can tag it AND write the first witty thing in the comments for that photo.  that’s so perfect; that’s exactly how they’ll all remember me from high school, as the witty blurry lurking guy.  PERFECT.

no — just like coffee, online Texas Hold’em, and RedBullAndVodka before it, Facebook is not an addiction, it’s just another small thing that contributes to the whole person that is me.  and at least 51 people like me for that person that I virtually am, so who am I to decide to just stop?

and like I said before, if you act now you can be #52.  no pressure.



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4 responses to “addiction, thy name is Facebook

  1. KP

    not that you couldn’t see this coming, but is it morally neutral to be addicted to facebook?

  2. Red Bull and Vodka! I’d say I prefer that to Facebook, but I too have been pulled into the action, by you!! why, oh why did I ever open your E-mail and click the link, ST4RBUX…. It’s a toss up between the online music/audio forum, facebook and sims2…..

  3. Sims2? You mean my game which you have hijacked????

  4. for the record, I now have over 100 friends. yay me.

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