the N-word

I love it.  Chris Rock will not say ” ‘the N word’ “, as in those three words (ok, word-letter-word) that are meant to represent another word.  I’m still uncomfortable enough with it to say it on this blog (being a white kid from the suburbs and all), but Chris Rock is never going to stop saying it.  Except maybe in church, but he kind of offered that up as a concession at the end, and I wouldn’t hold him to it.

10 Questions for Chris Rock – very funny, the N-word question is about half-way down.

I wonder what Al Sharpton would have to say about Chris.  I wonder why I ask, since I really don’t care.   I wonder why my internal dialog keeps flowing out through my keyboard… Maybe if I just click Publish, this madness will stop…



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2 responses to “the N-word

  1. KP

    nigger is a horrible slang word…can’t believe black people (not african-americans because they aren’t from africa they are from america) still use it when referring to each other. but if a cracker uses it look out….personally i dont care. i have a bigger issue with the reverse racism/hypocrisy of NAACP, BET, Miss Black America…substitute white for colored or black and you are a racist…hmmmmm. me, i’m just a ranting cracker, and proud of it. if you are from africa, then you are african american. if you were born here, you are american…

  2. wow, I totally want to revive this post after all the Imus stuff… I bet Chris Rock would have some hugely entertaining things to say about Imus and the whole situation.

    kind of similar/related (to another guy who loves to drop the N-bomb) — a friend of mine at work was at the Four Seasons for drinks/dessert and ran into Dave Chappelle… he joined them for coffee and chatted for about an hour. very cool.

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