NAME YOUR FEAR of the day…

Killer might be right.


please, comment, I’d love to hear your fears…



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4 responses to “NAME YOUR FEAR of the day…

  1. KP

    i fear for our future…i work with it every day. these 700 or so 7-11 year olds i work with are pathetic. yes there are some that will be amazing people someday. but the vast majority are destined for something below mediocrity. abe froman i weep for our future…

  2. Rob

    Marsupials… cause they’re fast.

    Seriously, I fear not doing a good enough job preparing my kids for this crazy twisted world. On one hand we have to sheild them from the ugliness of society, but not to the point where they could end too naive and trusting… and on the other, we can’t make them overly cautious to the point where they will be either to scared to try anything on their own, or too cynical to want to.

  3. Bryan

    I fear failure. Sometimes this drives me to achieve, such as at school or work. Sometimes this paralyzes me, keeping me from taking risks, dreading the notion that I might not be good enough or might be rejected. That crisis of confidence can be debilitating. And Rob thanks for the Bob and Tom reference. That is a great bit by Kevin Pollack.

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