Ted Koppel is wrong on Middle East Oil

I’m only picking on Ted because he said it this morning on Meet the Press (paraphrased):

“We get most of our oil from the Middle East.”

The key words, words he did use, were ‘most’ and ‘Middle East’. And this is just flat wrong.

From the Department of Energy, top five crude oil imports (2006, YTD through Dec):

  • 19% Canada
  • 17% Mexico
  • 15% Saudia Arabia
  • 12% Venezuela
  • 11% Nigeria

So maybe he meant the Middle East was #1 as a region?

  • 36% North America
  • 23% Middle East
  • 21% Africa
  • 16% South America
  • 3% Europe and Russia

23% does not represent the ‘most’ of anything. Argue about OPECs power all you want, but you can’t honestly state that we get most of our oil from the Middle East, unless it’s the middle east of Alberta.

Why bother posting about this? Because it’s a damn shame when journalists of Koppel’s caliber say things that are blatantly wrong, and nobody calls them on it. This is one small example, the “indisputable consensus that mankind is responsible for Global Warming” is a bigger example, along the same continuum. As someone who likes to research and think for myself, it’s frightening.

[update:  maybe this problem is disproportionately affecting Sunday morning TV… another example from QandO:
Senator Claire McCaskill:  “The president has cut the budget in Veteran’s Affairs for the past five years.”
FactCheck.org:  VA funding has gone up 27%, and has increased every year.  Veteran’s have not received all the funding they requested, but that’s not a funding cut.]


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One response to “Ted Koppel is wrong on Middle East Oil

  1. The “funding cut” argument is an old one. It is used by both sides at will. When he wants to appear frugal, he will brag about how much they are making “cuts,” but when he is bowing and scraping to unions, veterans groups, the AARP, et al, he will go the other way.

    Note: “he” meaning any particular elected official with a microphone in his face

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