Hillary Clinton not an economist; likely ‘dumb’

yeah, we should stop certain countries from buying our Treasury bonds.* yeah, that makes sense. and since private citizens from those countries are buying more T-bills lately as their governments have slacked off a bit, we should probably stop them from buying too. yeah, because the fundamental value of T-bills wouldn’t be based in their wicked-awesome liquidity (in addition to being backed by the US government and our ever-rockin economy). free-markets suck, we are much better served when only certain people are allowed to buy certain things, regardless of how much money they are willing to throw into our coffers. after all

  • we’re much better off if hungry people can’t buy foods with trans-fats
  • we’re better off if people who desperately need kindneys can’t buy one, aren’t we?
  • it’s much better to buy drugs from criminals on the black market than distributing them through legitimate channels

yeah.  more on why foreign ownership of US treasuries is a no-issue.

* no, of course she doesn’t say that specifically. she made that point, and then backed down:

In her CNBC interview Clinton said she would “not at this time” call for Congress to limit by law the amount of debt held by foreigners.

how bold. since such a measure would go nowhere.  of course, “not at this time” just means “you have been warned.”  of what, I’m not exactly sure.


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One response to “Hillary Clinton not an economist; likely ‘dumb’

  1. She is also likely not a linguist. Not really sure what she is, exactly. Perhaps an opportunist?

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